About Specialized Security Consultants

SSC provides services to Fortune 500 companies, small business professionals and the entertainment industry. We have ongoing agreements with four industry leaders in the fields of security, medical and crisis management. These partners work hand in hand with SSC to bring expertise and value to our specialized projects that our clients demand.

Specialized Security Consultants
Specialized Security Consultants

Our Mission

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Excellence: We will aggressively maintain our position as an industry leader by providing services and personnel who set a standard of excellence.

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Networking: We will utilize our network of intelligence to provide the client with all available information needed to make a timely and informed decision.

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Confidence: We will provide options based on our combined expertise in security planning and managing incident response.

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Consistency: We will maintain a reputation of providing prompt services based on quality of service rather than market pricing.

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Dedication: We will maintain long-term relationships with our clients based on honesty, integrity, and value.

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Perseverance: We will consistently exceed the expectations of our clients.

We have established a working relationship with numerous professionals in government, the medical field, law enforcement, business management, emergency management, legal, financial experts, and international.

Specialized Security Consultants

Our staff has a minimum of 15-20 years’ experience and are hand-picked and made up of highly trained individuals from various law enforcement and security backgrounds.

They include:

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Certified Law Enforcement Trainers

  • Specialized Security Consultants


  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Special Forces

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Intelligence Experts

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Private Investigators

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Security Consultants

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Specialists in a Variety of Fields

President – W. Rick Jones

W. Rick Jones is the President of Specialized Security Consultants, Inc (SSC). His experience includes seventeen years with the Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Unit of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Nashville, Tennessee branch. In the past Jones has worked as Training Lieutenant and Firearms instructor. As part of his duties he had supervised and managed a staff of thirty-two police officers as well as coordinated and conducted a two hundred and fifty-hour FLETC law enforcement training academy.

Mr. Jones has coordinated and conducted Executive Protection for the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Board of Governors and the First Vice Presidents of the Federal Reserve System. He worked exclusively with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics by coordinating and conducting physical security and counter terrorist measures.

W. Rick Jones is the Tennessee Security Representative for the National Hockey League (NHL). He is responsible for all aspects of security regarding league officials, liaison with law enforcement, and interacting with the coaches and management of the team. Mr. Jones provides investigative services for the NHL.

From 2011-2008, W. Rick Jones was the Tennessee Associate Security Representative. Mr. Jones provided investigative services, provided advice and coordination of security activities for the physical protection of NFL players, visiting owners, league personnel. He coordinated and managed game day physical security services for visiting teams, owners and NFL dignitaries.

Mr. Jones is a certified instructor in Weapons of Mass Destruction (W.M.D.) Operations and Awareness.

He also holds certifications in:

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Emergency Response to Terrorism

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Radiological Emergency Management

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Emergency Preparedness

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Chemical, Ordinance, Biological, Radiological Technical Response (C.O.B.R.A.),

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings

  • Specialized Security Consultants

    Advanced First Aid/CPR/AED

Mr. Jones is a certified firearms instructor with Glock Inc., Sturm Ruger and the National Rifle Association. He has advanced training in tactical operations, ASP baton, and tactical weapons use.

W. Rick Jones

Vice President – James Strohmeier

Strohmeier is a professional with experience in law enforcement and military services. He has a proven ability in developing and conducting instructional training. He is recognized as an effective and motivational team player with focus on community relations in a diverse environment.

James has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration, is and Eagle Scout and Scoutmaster, and maintains memberships in the NRA, VFW, American Legion and F.&A.M.

After serving in the U.S. Army on active duty for eight years, James transitioned to the TN Army National Guard and took full-time employment with the Law Enforcement Unit for the Federal Reserve Bank. During his 11 years in Federal Law Enforcement, James served as the primary trainer for the Nashville Federal Reserve Police Department and was instrumental in the development of updated training and records keeping systems.

James Strohmeier

Being recognized for his leadership, use of force knowledge, and training skills, James was utilized as a trainer at the System level, conducting training for officers from across the country.

In 2011, the Federal Reserve closed its Nashville office. James declined an offer to join the Federal Reserve’s academy training staff, in order to stay in Nashville, and joined SSC/SSI in the private sector.

In 2012, James retired from the TN Army National Guard as a Sergeant First Class. His 20 years of Military Service included a 12-month deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004-2005.

Since working with SSC/SSI, James has provided domestic and international security consultant services to many private entities. Some of these services included training, executive protection details, numerous hurricane responses, and immediate response following workplace violence incidents.

James is currently the director of operations for SSC/SSI and manages most of the company’s projects and personnel. His professional expertise has proven to be invaluable to SSC/SSI clients during times of media attention and times of sincere concern for their employees.

Our Logo

The logo for SSC symbolizes protection for our clients, unity and strength, highly trained and dedicated staff members, discipline, professionalism, and the highest in integrity and ethical standards.

The logo design for SSC is fashioned after the Samurai swords’ handle guard known as the “Tsuba.”

Sword Tsuba—The Tsuba is usually a round or occasionally squarish guard at the end of the grip of Japanese bladed weapons. They contribute to the control of the arm and protection of the hand.

SSC/SSI has decided on the Gold Eagle and Pine Tsuba design, since it has a double meaning with the Samurai Warriors, as well as the United States. The Eagle clearly represents the symbolism of the United States and the Pine Tree also has meaning in the USA and Japan. The Tsuba logo is in gold with a green background. This symbolizes a profitable and highly reputable company, but also symbolizes the high value that we place on our clients. For without high-level clients, SSC would not have the reputation that it enjoys now and in the future.

It is a goal of SSC to have individuals and businesses respect the high standards and quality of SSC. The name and logo will be a recognized trademark of high quality and excellence. It is also a goal of SSC to have highly trained individuals outside the SSC company want to become a staff member because of the reputation SSC represents. This will be done by having an unbending resolve for personal and professional excellence in quality.

The Concept of the Tsuba

It is important to understand the concept of the Tsuba, as well as its development in form and function. The Tsuba is counterbalance to the Sword Blade in many levels of understanding.

The Sword Blade is aggressive, destructive, offensive in purpose. It is used for attack and destruction. It is masculine and active in principle — pure YANG. The Tsuba, its counterpart, is defensive, protective, ornamental; its function is to guard and preserve and is feminine in concept and execution — pure YIN. Once you grasp this essential difference, you will find that the true beauty of fine Tsuba will have a new value and your appreciation will be greatly enhanced.

Once you understand that the Yang and the Yin are essential parts of the whole, you cannot see a Sword Blade without visualizing the perfect Tsuba to compliment it — nor can you appreciate a great Tsuba without mentally equating a fine Blade that would complement the Tsuba. The two become one, and that is ZEN.

Specialized Security Consultants

Bushido: The Samurai Code of Honor

The samurai were not mercenary warriors, roaming Japan and fighting for whatever warlord would pay them. They were bound to a specific lord, or daimyo, and bound to their communities by duty and honor.

This code of honor is known as Bushido, and comes from the word bushi, which means “warrior.” The Japanese word do means “the way.” So, Bushido means, “the way of the warrior.” This code evolved from an earlier period, when samurai were archers and horsemen. The training and devotion needed to master these skills and bond with a horse led to kyuba no michi, “the way of the horse and bow.”

Although Bushido is referred to as a code, it was not a formal set of rules that all samurai followed. In fact, Bushido changed greatly throughout Japanese history and even from one clan to the next. Bushido wasn’t written down at all until the 17th century, after samurai had been in existence for centuries.

The first duty of a samurai was loyalty to his lord. Japan had a feudal system, in which a lord expected obedience from his vassals, who in turn received economic and military protection from the lord. If a lord couldn’t count on absolute loyalty from his vassals, the entire system would have collapsed. This sense of loyalty and honor was often carried to extremes by the Japanese, who would fight to the death in a hopeless battle to protect their master’s castle, or they would commit suicide if they felt they had disgraced their lord.

Samurai also had a duty of vengeance. Should the honor of his master be tarnished, or his master killed, a samurai was required to seek out and kill those responsible. One of the most famous samurai stories, “The 47 Ronin,” or master-less samurai, is a tale of traditional samurai vengeance. During a period of peace, their lord was ordered to commit seppuku because of an altercation with another lord. Two years later, all 47 samurai invaded the lord’s castle and killed him. They were arrested and forced to commit seppuku, not because they had fulfilled their duty of vengeance (this was expected), but because they had done it with a secret attack, which was considered dishonorable.